Our History

31 Dec. 1998 Gruppo Banca Lombarda is the result of the merger of CAB, Credito Agrario Bresciano and Banca San Paolo, two historic institutions operating in Brescia and surrounding districts.

The two banks have expanded over time: CAB acquires, in 1992, Banca di San Giorgio, and in 1995, Banca Lombarda, known as “Lombardona”- from which the Banking Group takes its name- and Banca del Cimino, whereas Banca San Paolo di Brescia acquires Banca di Valle Camonica in 1963.

1 Jan. 1999 The banking operations of Gruppo Banca Lombarda are assigned to a new entity called Banco di Brescia.

In 2000, Gruppo Banca Lombarda significantly expands when joined by another historic Italian bank, Banca Regionale Europea, stemming from the merger of Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo and Banca del Monte di Lombardia, bank resulting from the merger of Banca del Monte di Milano and Banca del Monte di Pavia e Bergamo, established in 1483 and 1493, respectively.

Gruppo Banca Lombarda buys, in 2000, Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona, which enabled the Group to significantly step up its presence in the region of Piedmont. In 2000, the Group adopts the name of Gruppo Banca Lombarda e Piemontese.